Friday, July 8, 2011

Unholy War

There has been a rift between Zirnitin and Kead. Their alliance is broken; Kead tried to escape Zirnitin, but this god of negative energy has become far to powerful and has enslaved the god of darkness. The world is growing even darker still. Suicide is becoming more pleasant and many people are going through with it joining Zirnitin's minions. Some scholars speculate that Zirnitin is waiting for four stars: Hywel (the star of eminence), Qwympo (the fallen star), Solaeth (the dark star), and Obalagh (a purple star) form what they are referring to as the "Death Triangles." When these triangles are formed Zirnitin may be able to channel negative energy into the world in great amounts raising even the strongest willed to aid him. Any who are still living should fear for their souls. The Unholy War has begun...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Winter Approaches...

As the air grows colder everyone can feel it, this winter will be very cold. The darkness and chill of death continue to spread. It seems nothing will be in its place this winter and some even suspect it will be the last winter of the living. Little trinkets and jewels that bring life have been surfacing around Ryba with the faint symbol of Lamina. Each is a small object of hope giving people purpose in their life. The Church of Lamina is growing dramatically in size many are learning the weaknesses of undead. Armies are retraining for the inevitable war that will befall them. There are also those who wait with eager anticipation. Those who worship the god Zirnitin and who control those who have passed from life. Recently a rumor has been growing that those who are favored by Zirnitin and who follow his principles have formed an organization called The Chill of Death . They continue to gain followers accross Ryba and have started raising armies of undead. Small towns and villages have already fallen prey to this monstrocity. Word of the coming war haunt every child in Ryba. Who knows what will happen... Those who still want to live are praying to Lamina for her hand. This, however, raises the great question, is Zirnitin already too powerful?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Breakthrough in Kibron

An ancient formula has recently been translated for the birth of a particularly blessed race. The ancient writing was hard to translate but Gerenwroff, a renowned diviner and scholar, has been succesful. It seems the first attempts at creating this race were faulty and led to disaster. The bio-alcehmists in the valley believe, after months of testing, that they have the solution; and with the innevitable hordes of undead that are coming this race is very desirable. The positive energy that is at the very nature of this new race seem almost essential in this time of hopeless desperation. The first birthing is expected to happen within the year! That gives them only two and a half sub-star rotations to review their renovations. The people of the valley are wondering in eager anticipation if this could be there hope of salvation. The temples of Lamina and Quintua have been prepared but Jeidreans temple has long been abandoned and the madness inside might put a stopper in the process. Is the Womb of Ryba barren or can it still spawn life?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kead and Zirnitin (737 P.R.)

...Zirnitin was not always overcome with evil. He used to be a neutral deity dealing with negative energy and not caring for the haggles of other deities. However, within the last 50 years Kead has learned of Zirnitins control over negative energy and undead and has swayed him to want power. The great and terrible truth was that the command of this negative energy was more useful then Zirnitin originally saw. The power he controlled consumed him and he joined with Kead in his plan to overthrow and destroy Resh alont with Dermitar. The others were not so much of a threat and with the two most powerful deities out of the way Kead could do what he wills with Angena. Zirnitin turned against Lamina the god of positive energy and life who he had previously been on good terms with. Lamina was hurt but failed to have the necessary concern...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zirnitin and Lamina (Year, 783 P.R.)

Within the last year the healing life powers of Lamina have been fading due to Zirnitin's evil work behind the shrouding darkness of Kead. Zirnitin has implemented negative energy access points all throughout Ryba causing the dead to raise in great force. Lamina learned of this too late. The project is already in motion from the southern to northern ends of ryba in the midwest and also int he far north east corner in the pirate towns of Gzoiff. Tombs and graves of those long forgotten have recently become dangerous to visit. More and more dissapearances are reported. The wars of the Kibron Valley have left many dead and the half-lings of Chandar are having a difficult time keeping this strange phenomena at bay. The elders in the region have decided to go back to the old way. However, with all the fighting not many think thise wise, but they agree it must be done.

This also spread across Uny affecting the Plains of Morning with terrifying results. The dead will now simply rise from beneath the ground in the darkness of night. It is speculated that Zirnitin hopes to build a great army and use it as leverage agains Resh to get what he wants... It seems to be well on its way to working.

Lamina is doing everything in her power to stop Zirnitin. It would seem she does not know exactly the extent of The Skull Glower due to his allegiance to Kead, The Dark One. Therefore, she has not yet approached Resh or Angina. The followers of Zirnitin wait in eager anticipation for the day that will soon come. It will be a day of great destruction one that will be remembered for all too long. The handfull of people who know must act quickly or face almost certain destruction.

Aluinara Surfaces
Aluinara has learned of the acts of Zirnitin and hopes to use the distraction to find a way to become a god and be with her lover, the god of madness, Jeidrean. She has surfaced from the underdark somehwere in Uny and is looking for an item that she needs in order to start her transformation into godhood. Few know of this except those who die in her wake. She is unpredictable and unstable making her dangerous. She is also extremely powerful more powerful than any other humanoid on the surface. Her exact whereabouts are not known and she really could be anywhere. Last time she surfaced she destroyed the great city Drenwil in Merden. It would seem the northern elves have heard rumors of Aluinara's venture to the surface due to the fortifications taking place in Omojf.