Friday, July 8, 2011

Unholy War

There has been a rift between Zirnitin and Kead. Their alliance is broken; Kead tried to escape Zirnitin, but this god of negative energy has become far to powerful and has enslaved the god of darkness. The world is growing even darker still. Suicide is becoming more pleasant and many people are going through with it joining Zirnitin's minions. Some scholars speculate that Zirnitin is waiting for four stars: Hywel (the star of eminence), Qwympo (the fallen star), Solaeth (the dark star), and Obalagh (a purple star) form what they are referring to as the "Death Triangles." When these triangles are formed Zirnitin may be able to channel negative energy into the world in great amounts raising even the strongest willed to aid him. Any who are still living should fear for their souls. The Unholy War has begun...

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